Prototype Roundhouse Design

The PPN/UCB partnership began in Spring 2008, when students from a freshman design class met with members of the Tribe to assess the needs, and co-design sustainable housing that could be integrated into the tribal community. The result of this partnership was a roundhouse prototype design. (Read the Past Projects section for more information on E10.)

In the Summer of 2009, CARES refined the design produced by the freshman students. An image of a physical prototype of their refined design is shown below.

PPN Prototype Home

The house is designed with the highest standard of environmental sustainability and Pomo cultural values in mind, and will serve as an exemplar for future houses to be built on tribal lands across the country. The first home will be constructed in Ukiah, California in 2011; there are plans for the creation of three more homes based on this design, to be built in both Ukiah and Lakeport.

The home will include a breadth of sustainable features, including:

  • Straw bale insulation
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Solar photovoltaic array
  • Solar hot water collectors
  • Grey water irrigation
  • Composting toilets
  • Rain catchment

The home's layout will furthermore be based on aspects of traditional Pomo culture. Its design features a rounded structure containing a large communal kitchen and living room to accommodate extended families and tribal gatherings.